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제     목 [모집] Northeast Asia Youth Forum
작 성 자 관리자
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Now open for application

  1. Date: 2016. 08. 15 (Mon) ~ 19 (Fri) 4 nights 5 days

  2. Venue: Jeju English Center (Foreign Affairs-affiliated institute), Jeju Island

  3. Description

    The level of cooperation between Korea and Central Asian countries is constantly augmenting. To promote exchange and cooperation among Korean, Chinese and Japanese youth, the Asia Exchange Association is hosting the Northeast Asia Youth Forum 2016 in Jeju Island, designated as the “Cultured City of Northeast Asia.” The event invites passionate high school students interested in trilateral cooperation in culture.

  4. Goal of the summit

  • To seek ways of cooperation by modeling Culture Summit of Korea-China-Japan

  • To provide an opportunity of cultural exchange between South Korean, Japanese and Chinese youth.

5. Eligibility

For all applicants Interest in Trilateral Cooperation, ability to participate in the English debate.

1) High school student applicants
  • High school students in Korea, China and Japan (age group: 15~19)

        2) Chair
  • (Under) graduate students in Korea (age group: 18~29)

  • Ability to create a document in English.

  • Experience in model international conference (e.g. MUN)

  • Experience in the field of cultural cooperation

       6. Areas of Recruitment: 10 Korean participants, 10 Chinese participants, 10 Japanese participants, 3 Chairs

7. Official language: English

8. Benefit of participation

- Delegates: Certificate of participation and a beneficial mark on school record

*A benefit of school record can be varied by the school system

- Chairs: Certificate of delegation

- Awards: Best performance team awarded with a certificate of award from the National Institute for International Education

9. Recruitment schedule

  • 1st Application Submission: ~23:59, 3rd July (Sun)

  • 1st phone interview: individual contact during 4~5th , July

  • 2nd Application Submission: ~23:59, 15th July (Fri)

  • 2nd phone interview: individual contact in 17th, July(Sun)

  • Final announcement: 20th July, informed by homepage

10. How to apply

        11. Program: Discussion and summit on different agendas, lectures, cultural experience and more

        12. Agenda of the summit

- Culture in economic perspectives

- Culture in social perspectives

- Culture in environmental perspectives

         13. Application fee: Free, but expenses for an airline ticket are chargeable to individual applicants

                                          (exemption: tickets for chairpersons will be supported)

Inquiry: Asia Exchange Association forum@asiaea.or.kr

Hosted by Asia Exchange Association, National Institute for International Education

Cooperated by Division of International Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

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