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제     목 [Result] Final Successful Candidate for MAKS
작 성 자 관리자
첨부파일 List of the Final Successful Candidate for MAKS.xlsx

Dear Mr/Ms,

We would like to thank all the participants.

We've just announced the list of the final successful candidate.

Please refer to the attachment.

* For the final successful candidate, Please check the invitation letter via email and AEA website to find more details regarding your role and our contact information.

* Also, If you decide not to participate in this forum, you MUST notify us of your intention not to attend this forum by end of this week for second-choice candidates.

Thank you.

******** Updated on December 20, 2019 ************

Thanks to all your participation, yesterday we announced the list of the final successful candidate.

We would like to share the situations while recruiting the Secretariat staff for MAKS.

Yesterday, we got the message from Ms. YEOM applying for the Chair.

She pointed out:

- Why a candidate for Liaison changed its position to the Chair

- Why a new candidate showed up on the list of the final successful candidate

In this line, we would like to clarify things as follows:

- At the document screening process, 9 candidates had interviewed from 17 to 19 December, 2019. After then, the person in charge marked the interview. The results of the interview suggested that only 7 candidates were suitable for the Chair even though 9 chairs are needed.

- Therefore, we re-reviewed all the application again and decided to assign a candidate for Liaison to the Chair with her consent, because the candidate has lots of experiences relating to the international conference and meetings such as MUN.

- Also, to fill a vacancy, we, AEA, requested local universities in the metropolitan area to recommend excellent students with MUN experiences on December 13, 2019. As a result, we got 20 additional applications with recommendation letters for the position and conducted phone interviews with them from December 17, 2019. After then, we had a person-to person interview and writing test with 5 candidates on December 18. In the end, a new candidate joined the Chair.

We explained the things above to her today, and she would like us to make an official announcement about this situations to ensure transparency of the process.

In this regards, we would like to clarify and confirm that we don’t have any personal relations and/or interests with all candidates. All we want is that the MAKS can be a steppingstone for all the participants dreaming of a international organizations staff, diplomat, international relations experts etc.

We are sorry that this situations and thank Ms. YEOM’s point.

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