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제     목 [Results] Application Results for ASEAN-Korea Political-Security Forum Delegates
작 성 자 관리자

We thank all applicants who applied and showed interest for participating in the ASEAN-Korea Political-Security Forum.

As below, we announce the application results for the ASEAN-Korea Political-Security Forum Delegates.

Check the last 4 digits of your phone number and your name.

For those who do not have a phone, please check the last four letters or numbers on your email address.

An email will be sent regarding the scheduled time for your interview. Please check the spam mail in case you could not find it.

If you did not receive any mail, please contact ext3@asiaea.or.kr

For further inquiries or if you need to change the time, please contact to the following email ext3@asiaea.or.kr as soon as possible.

*Precautions related to video interviews

- Video interviews are conducted with the ZOOM program.

- The ZOOM link will be sent to you via your mobile phone at 9AM on the day of your interview.

- Please be seated in a quiet environment with stable internet.

- Check the camera and sound in advance, we recommend you to use earphones for a clearer audio.

- Make sure that the name you use coming into the program is identical to your name.

- Enter the conference room 5 minutes prior to the designated interview time.

- If you access the room according to the waiting time, the interviewer will check and allow you to enter the conference room in accordance to the interview time.

*Make sure that you are not late to the scheduled time.
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