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제     목 [Recruitment Closed] 2nd Recruitment for the Delegation for ASEAN-Korea Political-Security Forum
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How to apply: Download the application form from this post and submit via email(ext3@asiaea.or.kr)

Hello! Asia Exchange Association is happy to announce the first sectoral forum of the 9th ASEAN-Korea Frontier Forum. Since 2010, ASEAN-Korea Frontier Forum have been held and it is the 10th event already:) We are opening the second round of recruitment for the Delegates to participate in the forum.

ASEAN-Korea Frontier Forum brings youths of South Korea and ASEAN Member States together, to participate in a model summit in the manner of the UN. This forum is a sectoral forum of 9th ASEAN-Korea Frontier Forum(AKFF), and will be focusing only on political-security issues.

Through this forum, participants will discuss on the global agenda and create an international network among the diverse participants from countries of ASEAN and South Korea.

1. ASEAN-Korea Political-Security Forum

- Organizer: Asia Exchange Association

- Sponsor: ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund

- Date: November 9 to November 15, 2021 (6 nights 7 days)

- Place: Busan Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea

- Main Programs: Model Summit, Country/Committee Meeting, Special Lectures, Cultural Experience Programme etc.

- Participation Fee: None (Offering meals, transportation, accommodation)

2. Recruitment

(Under) Graduate Students from ASEAN Member States and South Korea Residing in Korea

4 Students from Korea, 2 Students from each ASEAN Country

Age range: 19~29 / Born in 1992 - 2002

3. Activity

Starting on November 9th in Busan Metropolitan City, delegates will participate in Country/Committee Meetings and get ready for a Model Summit. Participants will also enjoy culture programmes and make friends from diverse countries.

4. Roles

- Presenting Keynote Speech

- Presenting the Joint Statement after the Country/Committee Meeting

- Participate in the Culture Exchange Programme

5. Benefits

- Activity Expenses

- No Entry Fee (Offering meals, transportation and accommodation)

- Award for Best Teams

- Certificate for participating in the forum

- Uniform, Welcome Kit etc.

More detailed information is attached to the post. Please show a lot of attention to the forum and apply.

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